30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Routines

I’VE fallen behind on the challenge a little – but it seems appropriate to talk about routines when it’s my routine falling out of wack that’s caused me to fall behind.

I’m a stickler for routine. It helps me feel calm and organised – and not panicked. But not everything goes to plan all the time.

I’ve spoken before about how I tend to let my stress overload and overwhelm me.

But I don’t think people realise how physically sick stressing can make you, how upset it can make you feel or how much it makes you wish you could hide away and not face whatever is stressing you.


Unfortunately, I’ve let stress overwhelm me a little this week, and no matter how many times I’m told it’s nothing to worry about and that it’s silly to worry about, I still end up stressed. I’m laughing at myself while I write this, because even the things I look forward to at this time of year are freaking stressing me out.

I have a lot to be thankful for in my life, a lot of opportunities that I have loved doing. But sometimes even when you love doing something, stress can overwhelm you.

Writing these posts help me take a moment out to breathe and think through what I perceive as problems.

I know this challenge is about taking stock of the things you have to be grateful about but I’m also hoping that maybe it will make people think a bit more about how others around them are feeling and how you can help them.

Writing this, I am starting to think that maybe I need to find a new routine – one that maybe features more yoga and cat selfies.

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