30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Wisdom

I WAS thinking about the word Wisdom for Day Twelve of the 30-Day Gratitude Challenge – and all I could think about was wise woman.

Hardly surprising given that today’s post is all about my mother.

Cheesy I know but she is one of the wisest people I know – and I am the woman I am today because of everything she tried to teach me. I say tried but god knows there are times when I am stubborn and grumpy and do not listen.

But I am where I am because of her guidance, and I don’t think she realises how much I value her wisdom sometimes (even when I am being a wee sh*t about it).

My mum once told me that sometimes the hardest decisions are the right ones and it’s something I’ve tried to stick to growing up. She also told me that there’s never any harm in asking and that the most important things in life are unicorns, Sweet and Salt popcorn and wine (and more recently Outlander).

I have a lot to thank her for, and a lot I am grateful about. And I hope she knows that.

If you want to read more about my completely and totally awesome mother, I’ll be posting soon about our newest geek project Pret a Geek x To Bookishly Go – a range of clothing I’ve been helping her design for her freaking amazing Etsy shop.

If you haven’t checked it out, you totally should, or head over to her Instagram page…here.

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