YOU walk briskly through the bustling morning streets. Your breath comes in quick short gasps, the cold air burning your lungs and setting them alight like a Christmas tree.

The cold air prickles exposed skin, and you sniffle slightly. Autumn has arrived in a fall of burnt leaves and clear, bright mornings, and anticipation coils in your stomach. You burrow yourself further into your jacket, your thoughts turning to warm nights to be spent curled up on the sofa with thick socks and the scent of spiced coffee lingering in the air, arms wrapped tightly around you.

Stress looms over you, the heavy bag on your back only serves to remind you of this. But the weight of work, studying and university commitments disappear with the Autumn breeze, and for a moment, you are content.

The haze of the long summer seems so long ago, slipping through your fingers like a thread that was too fine to hold, like a forgotten dream.


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