30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Gift

LET’S talk about gifts baby!

Continuing on my 30-Day Gratitude journey, today is all about the gift of giving (and receiving). And I figured it was especially appropriate given that I have just returned from a glorious wee trip in Verona laden with gifts for my loved ones.

Well, I say laden, that’s not necessarily true. They were all really tiny gifts.

But even small gifts can make the biggest difference. Take what I brought back for my boyfriend for example.

I swear I have never ever seen anyone look so excited at the prospect of salt. Yeah, you read that right, my gift to him was salt. But the boy was absolutely delighted by it.

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It’s probably one of the best examples I could think of to show how important even the littlest things are because it is always the thought that counts. Even something as silly as salt can be appreciated by the ones around you because you’ve shown that you were thinking about them.

I spoke about this back in my post about Love and Christmas. I’ve always preferred giving gifts, instead of receiving them, because nothing can beat the look on someone’s face when they receive a great gift.

The gift of giving is all about sharing some love and letting people know how much you appreciate them. And it’s something I hope I can continue to do a little more this month.

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