Day Six (The River Styx)

THE weather has taken a turn in Glasgow and it’s raining. Boo!

A glum day calls for a sad book, and a sad album. I’m totally obsessed with Anaïs Mitchell’s Hadestown. It’s based on the myth of Eurydice and Orpheus, and being the Greek Mythology lover I am, I’ve had it on repeat for a few months now.

It’s all set in this post-apocalyptic poverty-ridden world, and it really does make you think about the different portrayals of Eurydice and Orpheus. I’ve read so many – PC Cast’s from The Goddess of Spring is one of my faves – but Hadestown really makes you question the depths of their relationship and how much faith they had in each other.

For Anaïs Mitchell, Eurydice left first but it was Orpheus who really didn’t believe in the strength of their love. He was the one who looked back in the end. I suppose it just depends on the way you look at it, huh?

Bon Iver’s frontman Justin Vernon also features on Hadestown – he plays Orpheus and he’s such a beautiful singer.

You can tell I’m all about the tragedy in love today.

If you’re interested in some of my best reading playlists, you can check out my Spotify here.

But it’s my mum’s candles that are keeping most of the blues away. Her Harry Potter inspired Buttered Beer candle smells absolutely divine.

Benefits of having relative who is an etsy shop owner means you get to test all the new products, and boy can I tell you Pret A Geek have some really exciting products.

I’m on an Insta journey for the next 359 days…

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