Still Me

JOJO Moyes has done it again with her sensational novel Still Me.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this novel – After You had been a bit of a disappointment for me and I had struggled to really connect with it – but Still Me blew me away.

Lou Clark returns in the third instalment in the Me Before You series as she switches her tiny home town for the dizzying heights of New York – but it’s far from an easy trip.

You’d think that all of Clark’s emotional heartaches were over, but Still Me has it’s fair share of heartstopping, sob-worthy moments, as our ditzy heroine attempts to navigate long-distance relationships, a new job and being millions of miles away from everything she has ever known.

Returning to Lousia’s story is like meeting an old friend. It’s comfortable, familiar and tugs at all the right heartstrings.

But the ending is difficult to swallow. How I wish Moyes’ hadn’t ended it where she did!

still me

There aren’t really any words that will do this final novel any justice – it’s a tumultuous journey, and Moyes’ ability to bring her characters to life really doesn’t get much better than the strained relationship between Sam and Louisa.

It’s also not exactly easy to say goodbye to Louisa Clark.

Jojo Moye’s realistic character was one of the first I was able to identify with as a young woman. And now her story is finally finished.

So be prepared for plenty of ugly-crying, puffy eyes and stomach-hurts-from-laughing moments – because HELL YEAH! Louisa Clark is back.

Now all we have to do is hope and pray they make After You into a movie. Fingers crossed.

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