December ’17 Book Club

CHRISTMAS is here! Hallelujah!

Well, December is here but the countdown has officially begun.

And that means, my lovelies, that it’s time for mince pies, carols, Elf, and my Christmas Book Club list (AKA my weapons of choice to fend off family members, work mates and uni friends from interrupting me time).


This month is all about change. In my last post I talked about Attachments and about how I am trying to find myself again *cue the sad violins*.

New Year, New Me, right?

So to kick off this month’s Book Club of Change, I have at number one Eat Pray Love.


Focusing on “one woman’s search for everything”, it sounds exactly like the kind of book I need in my life now. Nothing like seeing how someone else pieces their life back together, to make you want to feel more organised.

(I am also a lover of pasta and Julia Roberts, so I suppose I can’t really go that wrong with this choice)

At number two we have A Prayer for Owen Meany.


It’s John Irving’s seventh novel, and while I may not have read any of his other books, I loved Robin Williams in The World According to Garp. I also have it on good authority that it is a life changing book, and to be honest, I need a little sprinkle of life changing right now.

And finally, we have The Lovely Bones.


I did try to read this a few years ago, and got about halfway through before being distracted by another book (I am pretty sure it was the Life of Pi). Christmas is a holly jolly season, but there’s nothing wrong with reading a sad book from time to time and The Lovely Bones will certainly be a sad one.

But hey ho, at least it will be an excuse to bring out the ice cream.

The aim is to finish these three books by the end of December. Whether or not that is actually an achievable goal, I have no clue.

But I’m going to try.

Every month I will post my top three Book Club choices. You can join me on my epic adventure or make suggestions in the boxes below.

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