Not a poet

IT took me a while to get into poetry.

I could never wrap my head round the rhymes and beats and bars. My stanzas were always unbalanced (horrifically so) and iambic pentameter was beyond me.

When I started uni we had to spend a few weeks covering poetry and I really struggled with creating something that a) sounded like poetry and b) was something I was actually proud of.

And then one day it just clicked.

I’m not a brilliant poet, or even a writer who specifically classifies herself as a poet. But poetry is hella cathartic and once I start writing it can be difficult to stop.

So I’m planning to post some of my poetry here. Some of it will be little, some will be long, and some will just be plain stupid.



Share your own poetic thoughts below.  Maybe you’re a poet, and you don’t yet know it.

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