Life and Death

I WAS late to the Twilight party.

Shocking, I know. And to this day, I’m still not entirely sure how I managed to miss it. Loads of my friends were talking about it at the time, my mum even mentioned it to me once but I just had no interest in picking up Meyer’s books.

By the time I decided to start reading Twilight, Breaking Dawn was just days away from being released and I still managed to devour the whole series in a week. After that I was well and truly hooked.

So when I heard about Life and Death, the tenth anniversary reimagining of my beloved vampire series, I couldn’t not read it.

Stephenie Meyer has had a lot of criticism over the years for writing, so it’s difficult to imagine how so many people were, and continue to be, addicted to her books.

It’s difficult to explain and I’m pretty sure everyone has their own reasons for falling so deeply in love with Twilight.

But regardless of the how’s and the why’s, I fully expected to read Life and Death and see nothing more than a slightly tweaked gender swapped Twilight. I expected to be disappointed.

I wasn’t. God, I actually fell in love with it.


I could not put it down.

This is more than just a Twilight fanfiction, it’s a completely new story. With new emotions, new perspectives, new sides to characters you probably wouldn’t have even dreamed of.

Beau is not Bella, and Bella is not Beau. While they may share an inability to walk straight and a love (and obsession) for vampires, they are not the same person.

Some people may be disappointed with the twists and turns of Life and Death, may even hate it because it is different. Others might just not agree with me at all. But I couldn’t help but relate more to Beau than I ever did to Bella.

Maybe it’s because Meyer’s writing has changed over the last decade, maybe it’s because Beau seems more confident in who he is by the end of the novel, maybe it’s because we get such a small insight into his and Edythe’s story, or maybe it’s just because I’m reading this story almost decade after I first fell in Twilight with older and more experienced eyes.


Regardless of the reasons, Life and Death is definitely worth any Twilight fan’s time. Pacing was often a bit askew, I felt like the novel pushed forward too quickly to be realistic at times, and the epilogue was a bit meh. I wasn’t entirely sure all of it was needed.

But if you’re craving a return to Twilight, this novel proves that there is life after death.

What was your pre-teen obsession?  Let me know your thoughts below!

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