Hello World

I NEVER thought about becoming a journalist.

To me, journalists were people in funny suits who wrote boring stories and were restrained by deadlines and word counts and editors constantly looking over their shoulders.

So, despite loving to write I had never really associated journalism with my future career.  I mean, who actually wanted to be a journalist?  No thanks.  Not for me.

But the thing about journalism is that when you get your first proper experience of it, it’s hard not to become addicted to it.  When I had my first real taste of journalism in 2013, it opened my eyes to a whole other world of writing I had never experienced before.

And after that I was hooked.

Now it’s more than four years later and I work for a national publication while studying journalism and creative writing at university, writing about things I generally like.  Some people would call it luck, others would call it hard work, I would call it chance.

But I’m not 100% content with where I’m at.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I love writing for my paper and I love studying at uni. However, somewhere between starting university and work and dealing with those crazy things called “relationships” I lost my love for literature and my passion for writing.

And I’m hoping here, I can find it again.

Prepare yourself for some book reviews, random thoughts on writing, some super awesome pictures of books, more books, my cat and of course books.

Strap yourself in.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride…

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